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  4. Hey man and welcome.
  5. First name " anas Age » 26 old Location » algeria Occupation » security agent Hobbies and passions » Football, swimming and throwing weapons Contact method » later How did you hear about CSESPORTS.RO? » via faceboock A picture with you (optional) » Give a note to the community » I'm new here and I want to know more Other details » As for my personality: I consider myself a friendly, respectful, reasonable and funny person. I am also slightly perverted. As for my history (this is getting a bit personal, so you may skip this part): I did not exactly have a great childhood, (which plagues me to this day) and being the shy/weak kid I was, I was getting beaten quiet often. While the physical abuse stopped at some point, the verbal continues to this day. But I learned to (partly) ignore it. I also did many other things in my childhood, such as a lot of different sports. Check my profile if you want to know more. Other Information: I used to be admin in a community named cs-clube.net, but sadly it closed quiet quickly after merging with arabian gaming. I applied as an admin on arabian gaming and got accepted. That said, most people seemed to like me as an admin.
  6. Change theme csgo update
  7. Steam Community :: Nomer3 add me willl chat
  8. Hellow Nomer3, Thanks for your server forum request, someone from our staff will solve your request soon. ------------------------------------ Respectfully GAMEFEAR STAFF GAMEFEAR COMMUNITY
  9. DNS server: DNS request link: forum.gamefear.ro Who will moderate the categories (tags): If you think coding and programming is all ones and Community or cs1.6, you’re right and wrong at the same time. Sure, you have to understand how the ones and Communtiy or cs1.6 work, but it’s your creativity that puts them to work. As a coder, you’ll discover that there is often more than one way to write a line of code. It’s your creativity that will allow you to write the best line of code. If you choose a career in something like front-end design or user experience then you’ll need even more creativity to code interactive experiences. What categories do you want: Fix bugs in existing code, Collaborate with product, design, teams add admin server or topic who @name
  10. Here in this topic will post only wallpapers with our community gamefear.
  11. After your server has been accepted into the community, you need to create a new topic where you specify which categories you want for it and who you want to moderate those categories. Model of posting: The title of the topic must be in the form "Request categories - NAME.GAMEFEAR.RO" DNS server: DNS request link: Who will moderate the categories (tags): What categories do you want: INFO!!! In maximum 12h the categories will be created and the set accesses. This topic will be done only after the DNS request is approved.
  12. First of all, please check the following to make sure that the server will be successfully affiliated with our community: The hostname must be "NAME.GAMEFEAR.RO", "NAME" representing the name of the server of your choice, for example "CSGO.GAMEFEAR.RO". If you have ads to other servers or images on your server to another community / other server name, also edit in GAMEFEAR.RO so as not to encounter affiliation problems. If you have ads or description with ads on gametracker.com, we advise you to edit the gametracker page and remove the ads from them. Make sure your server is online, that our team can enter the server and check the server before receiving a response. Responses to DNS requests can take a while, try not to spam the team and not lose patience. Our team strives to provide you with an answer as soon as possible. Post the dns request after the model: OWNER MAIN: (username forum, NOT nick on the server; one person); SECONDARY OWNER: (optional; one person); IP SERVER (without port): DESIRED NAME: (NAME.GAMEFEAR.RO); GAME MODE: (classic, respawn, deathrun, zombie, etc.); NO. SLOTS: (at least 22) HOSTING COMPANY WHERE THE SERVER IS HELD: LINK GAMETRACKER.COM: (not gametracker.rs or others); DID YOU CLAIM THE SERVER ?: HAVE YOU REGISTERED THE SERVER IN THE GAMEFEAR CLAN ON THE GAMETRACKER ?: SUB-FORUM MODERATORS: (optional; other people who have access to moderation on the sub-forum, but without the degree of OSL); FORUM STRUCTURE: After you are accepted you will have to make a request to the forum management Useful links: Gametracker clan: Click here for GAMEFEAR CLAN Forum Management: Click here for forum management This topic may be subject to change, we recommend reading it periodically. Respectfully, @GAMEFEAR STAFF
  13. In this topic will be posted all the changes made to the forum.
  14. First name " NicuAge »21Location » AradOccupation » Depends, Working most of the timeHobbies and passions » Nothing i guessContact method » mail/ steam CreepyMaDDHow did you hear about CSESPORTS.RO? » A story for another timeA picture with you (optional) » Maybe next timeGive a note to the community » Ofc 10Other details » I mean
  15. First name " mos Age » 21 Location nasr city Occupation » Hobbies and passions » i like playing football Contact method » Discord 7bullets#9249 How did you hear about CSESPORTS.RO? » by servers cs1.6 A picture with you (optional) » Give a note to the community » make Penturi grad,iam was searching about it but not found Other details » no
  16. Welcome, we are waiting you on our servers.
  17. First name " MihaiAge » 18Location » Sibiu/RomaniaOccupation » studentHobbies and passions » photography, modeling sometimes, gamingContact method » STEAM --> K1dduHow did you hear about CSESPORTS.RO? »gametrackerA picture with you (optional) » I have on my ig, im just lazy to find the photo in my folders, so im gonna drop my ig, dm me if there is a problem with that. Instagram.Give a note to the community » 9/10 there are some toxic ppl in some of the community servers, literally nowadays u cant play without someone calling u "dog cheater"Other details » Have a nice day.
  18. By registering an account in the forum you agree that you have read and accepted this regulation. 1. Accounts: Account names should be as intelligible as possible and should not contain vulgar, insulting, advertising, etc. words. regardless of the language in which they are written (sanction: rename / warn / suspend). They can be modified free of charge with an application here, only once in 30 days. It can also be purchased from the member shop. The avatars used must not contain personal pictures with other users of the forum without their consent, obscene material, nude, offensive, advertising, etc. (sanction: delete avatar / warn / suspend). Signatures should not be too long. The same content rules apply as for avatars (sanction: delete signature / warn / suspend). The membership title must not contain vulgar, offensive, advertising, etc. words. regardless of the language in which they are written (sanction: delete title / warn / suspend). It can be changed from the member shop. Various account information such as Contact, Profile Information, About Me, Cover Photo, etc. must not contain vulgar, offensive, nude words, advertisements, etc. regardless of the language in which they are written (sanction: delete / warn / suspend). 2. Features: The abusive increase of some characteristics that take into account such as the number of positions, reputation, number of profile views is strictly forbidden (sanction: decrease / reset / warn / suspend). 3. Content: Some sections of the forum have specific rules, so make sure you read and follow the rules of the section where you want to post in addition to these general rules. Maintain a respectful attitude towards other users, staff and the community. It is forbidden to post personal pictures with other users of the forum without their consent, serious threats, blackmail, vulgar, offensive material, which provokes quarrels, nudity, advertising, harassment, personal attacks, etc. (sanction: delete post / warn / suspend). These rules also apply when posting external content (eg links to other sites). It is also forbidden to post personal information about another user without his approval. Double posting, post hunting, posting on old topics, unnecessary posts and spam are prohibited (sanction: delete post / warn / suspend). In the case of private messages we will grant sanctions only for vulgar material, porn, advertising, illegal business or other serious things (sanction: warn / suspend). The publication of any type of content that refers to piracy is prohibited (sanction: delete post / warn / suspend). 4. Disclaimer: CSESPORTS.RO community is not responsible for the content posted on the forum. We try to moderate the content published by users as much as possible, but keep in mind that certain things may escape us. Use the forum reporting feature to report violations. Sanctions vary depending on the severity of the facts, which are decided by the staff applying them. We reserve the right to have exceptions to the rules mentioned above in cases where the situation so requires without having to provide explanations, trying to update the regulation with those new cases. Users are required to periodically check both this regulation and the regulations of the various categories and subcategories within the forum. 5. Piracy Piracy is strictly forbidden and its encouragement will lead to very serious sanctions! Links to cracked products are forbidden, we do not encourage such things! Links leading to hacks, keys are forbidden. If you receive such a link in private and access it, we are not responsible for any damage done to your computer! This regulation is subject to change, we encourage its regular reading. @STAFF CSESPORTS.RO
  19. This is a presentation model and should be treated as such. We want to meet you, that's why we invite you to make a presentation in a new topic. First name " Age » Location » Occupation » Hobbies and passions » Contact method » How did you hear about CSESPORTS.RO? » A picture with you (optional) » Give a note to the community » Other details »
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