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[CSE] Forum Rules


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By registering an account in the forum you agree that you have read and accepted this regulation.

1. Accounts:

  • Account names should be as intelligible as possible and should not contain vulgar, insulting, advertising, etc. words. regardless of the language in which they are written (sanction: rename / warn / suspend).
  • They can be modified free of charge with an application here, only once in 30 days. It can also be purchased from the member shop.
  • The avatars used must not contain personal pictures with other users of the forum without their consent, obscene material, nude, offensive, advertising, etc. (sanction: delete avatar / warn / suspend).
  • Signatures should not be too long. The same content rules apply as for avatars (sanction: delete signature / warn / suspend).
  • The membership title must not contain vulgar, offensive, advertising, etc. words. regardless of the language in which they are written (sanction: delete title / warn / suspend).
  • It can be changed from the member shop.
  • Various account information such as Contact, Profile Information, About Me, Cover Photo, etc. must not contain vulgar, offensive, nude words, advertisements, etc. regardless of the language in which they are written (sanction: delete / warn / suspend).

2. Features:

  • The abusive increase of some characteristics that take into account such as the number of positions, reputation, number of profile views is strictly forbidden (sanction: decrease / reset / warn / suspend).

3. Content:

  • Some sections of the forum have specific rules, so make sure you read and follow the rules of the section where you want to post in addition to these general rules.
  • Maintain a respectful attitude towards other users, staff and the community. It is forbidden to post personal pictures with other users of the forum without their consent, serious threats, blackmail, vulgar, offensive material, which provokes quarrels, nudity, advertising, harassment, personal attacks, etc. (sanction: delete post / warn / suspend).
  • These rules also apply when posting external content (eg links to other sites).
  • It is also forbidden to post personal information about another user without his approval.
  • Double posting, post hunting, posting on old topics, unnecessary posts and spam are prohibited (sanction: delete post / warn / suspend).
  • In the case of private messages we will grant sanctions only for vulgar material, porn, advertising, illegal business or other serious things (sanction: warn / suspend).
  • The publication of any type of content that refers to piracy is prohibited (sanction: delete post / warn / suspend).


4. Disclaimer:

  • CSESPORTS.RO community is not responsible for the content posted on the forum. We try to moderate the content published by users as much as possible, but keep in mind that certain things may escape us.
  • Use the forum reporting feature to report violations.
  • Sanctions vary depending on the severity of the facts, which are decided by the staff applying them.
  • We reserve the right to have exceptions to the rules mentioned above in cases where the situation so requires without having to provide explanations, trying to update the regulation with those new cases.
  • Users are required to periodically check both this regulation and the regulations of the various categories and subcategories within the forum.

5. Piracy

  • Piracy is strictly forbidden and its encouragement will lead to very serious sanctions!
  • Links to cracked products are forbidden, we do not encourage such things!
  • Links leading to hacks, keys are forbidden.
  • If you receive such a link in private and access it, we are not responsible for any damage done to your computer!


This regulation is subject to change, we encourage its regular reading.

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