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DNS server:

DNS request link: forum.gamefear.ro

Who will moderate the categories (tags):  If you think coding and programming is all ones and Community or cs1.6, you’re right and wrong at the same time. Sure, you have to understand how the ones and Communtiy or cs1.6 work, but it’s your creativity that puts them to work. As a coder, you’ll discover that there is often more than one way to write a line of code. It’s your creativity that will allow you to write the best line of code. If you choose a career in something like front-end design or user experience then you’ll need even more creativity to code interactive experiences.

What categories do you want:  Fix bugs in existing code, Collaborate with product, design, teams




add admin server or topic who @name 






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Hellow Nomer3,


Thanks for your server forum request, someone from our staff will solve your request soon.





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